Tuesday, March 7, 2017

J.ME 4K Camera FPV Drone With MTK Hello X20, 2-Axis Gimbal & Obstacle Avoidance

Feima Robotics is a new drone manufacturer, the team was founded by several former executives of Lenovo, committed to creating portable, safe, easy to use drone. they brought their first consumer-class unmanned aerial vehicles J.ME flying selfie artifact, which is the first mini camera drone based on the MediaTek processor.

Feima Robotics J.ME not the smallest drone, but probably the most practical one, its main features APP control, Follow Me shooting. With 4-axis rotor design, the overall body only bigger than the palm, the user can easily carry. Equipped with smallest 2-axis gimbal all over the world, 4K camera which can shoot 4K/30 fps video and 12MP pictures, up to 23 minutes of flight time, advanced intelligent tracking and obstacle avoidance functions and easy manipulation.

Not Smallest One But Balanced Configuration

Feima Robotics J.ME size is 169x169mm, a little bigger than Zerotech Dobby, weighs about 550 grams (machine with battery), heavier than other small unmanned aerial vehicles of about 200 grams like Hover Camera, Dobby Selfie Pocket Drone & Wingsland S6 Pocket Selfie Drone, lighter than DJI Mavic Pro 743g. At first glance, J.ME a bit like flying Beetle, really quite cool.

Body small but strong performance: MTK highly integrated super performance of the ten-core 64-bit CPU Helio X20, main frequency is up to 2.6GHz, IIFC professional flight control system, so that J.ME Drone to achieve intelligent positioning, flight and hover. IIFC profesional flight controller( Intelligent & Interactive Fligh Control System) completed tight assistance in real-time operation of several groups of sensors and high performance CPU and GPU made of main camera, optical flow, ultrasonic, dual TOF obstacle avoidance, GPS, IMU, magnetometer and barometer, which makes J.ME can get accurate position, flying and hover.

Gimbal Stabilization, 4K Ultral HD Image

With world's smallest 2-axis gimbal, weights 35g(camera included), mechanical and electronic double stabilization is the mainstream drone most effective & practical stabilization program, you can make the image smooth and stable, image quality improved significantly, even beginners can shoot clear.

As most of the Selfie Drone Quadcopter not equipped with mechanical gimbal, but in the course of flight, drone will produce jitter, the player operating unmanned aircraft operations, flight movements are very direct abrupt, image jitter too much then the footage can not be used. Take a look comparison of flagship sports camera GoPro Hero 5 Black (electronic stability is quite good) and J.ME.
GoPro Hero 5 Black
J.ME also uses 76 ° wide angle and F2.0 large aperture lens, can shoot 4K HD video, 13 million pixel photos, can take a lucidity of high-quality images. 32GB built-in storage to ensure that J.ME can record enough moments for the user.

Photo Sample

Photo Sample

Follow Me & Obstacle Avoidance 

J.ME adopt advanced IPRV(intelligent & proactive robot vision) deep self-learning visual technology can face complex scenes easily, automatically identify shot objects, so that it achieve follow shooting. Using APP controls flight height and directions make it easy to follow and shoot aroud what are be tracked. Users can achieve real lock target, just click on the APP screen to select the object you want to track, no need to use GPS external device to complete the follow function. With the cooperation of the flight control algorithm and the gimbal control algorithm, J.ME can automatically track the target object tracking, So that the tracked object is always in the center of the image, full automatic recording, you can capture pictures at any time during recording. The tracked object is a minimum of 20 * 20 pixels and a maximum of 200 * 200 pixels, fully capable of tracking people, pets and vehicles.

J.ME support to fly and hover indoors without GPS, equipped with advanced optical flow + ultralsonic poisitioning, making J.ME can preceive horizontal position and flight height, horizontal poisitioning accuracy is 30cm, vertical error is just 10cm. A forward obstacle sensing system ensures the drone stop and hover when an obstacle is coming. Detection range: 0.06-2m. 

Ultra Long Battery Life 

J.ME flight time up to 23mins, the battery duration better than others: Wingsland S6 about 6mins, Yuneec Breeze 4K 12mins. Use replaceable smart battery, to avoid the embarrassment of lack of electricity. J.ME uses four series lithium-ion battery structure, including four single-block capacity of 3000 mA 18650 lithium battery. At the same time, the battery with a protective function of the batteries in the overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit or overheating can provide the appropriate protection measures. 

Smart battery can be real-time monitoring of electricity, J.ME's flight control system to determine the location of the aircraft and take off the location of the distance, according to the existing electricity, to achieve low-power self-judgment return or ultra-low power to determine the local landing, to ensure the safety of users. 

The J.ME Drone no remote control, the user simply install the phone on the APP - J.ME Fly, you can enjoy flying, shooting, social sharing to bring the fun, with mention sensing, voice, virtual joystick 3 modes control methods, even beginners can master fly. In the intelligent flight mode, One key to release the flight command, control takeoff and landing and locking function. J.ME also supports offline voice commands ro control the drone. 

J.ME allows real-time image transmission via WiFi after shooting, in the open area, can achieve 100m image transmission and 200m data transmission needs. Users can always share the video or photos to social networking, share every wonderful moments with family and friends.

J.ME now availabel at Geekbuying for $475.99, as a selfie aerial photography drone, can be considered a cost-effective products, I think may be the most practical one compare with others selfie drone(not incluided DJI Mavic Pro). Following is the fly test video, for your reference. 

Feima Robotics J.ME Gallery 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Zerotech Hunter Leaked, Looks Like DJI Mavic

Some photos of Zerotech new product, the Hunter, have been leaked, come with folding arm design, very compact size, it is slightly smaller than DJI's first folding drone MAVIC. The battery compartment occupies a large part of the body space, it speculated that duration should be relatively dobby's seven minutes have greatly improved.

With an insider revealed the aircraft life time up to 15 minutes +, and the image transmission distance of up to 1.5KM +

But unfortunately, there is no positive picture of the aircraft, whether equipped with mechanical three-axis gimbal is not known. In order to save costs, still use electronic stability is also possible. This mini folding muotirotor will be a strong competitor to DJI MAVIC,  please stay tuned.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Why DJI Phantom 3 SE Is More Worth Buying Than Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K, Look Here

China drone manufacturer DJI Innovations released their latest products, DJI Phantom 3SE, and has started pre-sale, at the same time Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K also began to sell. Originally wanted to buy a mi drone 4k, but now it seems Phantom 3SE more worth buying, then let's compare these two concerns entry-level 4K aerial photography drone -- DJI Phantom 3SE & Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K.

Drone Look

Phantom 3SE continued the Phantom 3 series of classic designs, Mi Drone 4K except for some details, only little difference with the 1080P version, the most significant change is the addition of gold decoration. 
Mi Drone 4K upgrade to the quick disassembly propeller, and it uses a folding landing gear design, put in the bag is not difficult, but unfortunately there is no professional photography bag. Phantom 3SE shape is through a number of generations of product practice, a word - stable. DJI launched a professional camera bag and many accessories, but unfortunately can not be loaded into the bag.

4K Image Quality & 3-Axis Gimbal 

Aerial photography already become the most important selling point of consumer level unmanned aerial vehicle in this market, these two UAVs are equipped with 4K camera, aperture F2.8, FOV 94 °, support 4K video and 12mp static photo shoot, which is already a very good consumer UAV configuration. And according to the user's feedback, DJI several drones of the quality difference is not much, Phantom 3SE is able to make a blockbuster. 

These two quadcopters are using 3-axis mechanic anti-shake gimbal, more stable than electronic anti-shake, but how the final stabilization effect have to be measured. Before 1080P version of the Mi Drone picture distortion is very serious, don't know if the 4K version solved this problem.

4KM Image Transmission

What is the limit of WiFi image transmission? Phantom 3SE and Mi drone 4K have reached 4 km (FCC standard), but Mi Drone is 5G band, anti-interference even better. But Xiaomi's official website even marked limit distance 500m, limit the height of 120m ...... Don't understand their brain loops.

The maximum flying height of Phantom 3SE is 500m, maximum flight altitude is 6000m, plus 4000m image transmission distance ... It's cool right? Take it to climb the mountain, can fly very far. Hope Xiaomi in the future can unlock such a small flight range.

Flight Time 25min VS 26min

Phantom 3SE official life time of 25 minutes, Xiaomi Drone 4K reached 26 minutes, in the consumer level unmanned aerial vehicle are in the medium / upper grades. Real life time results to be measured, a little curious.

But don't forget Xiaomi's "novice mode", the first 300 minutes to force the lock in the novice mode, even if a battery can really fly 26 minutes, then have to fly 12 batteries to unlock ... ... really troublesome. This is also one of the few points that xiaomi drone has been criticized by the user, do not know xiaomi this time if give experienced players an opportunity to skip novice mode. 

Dual IMU & Compass

Last year Mi Drone 1080P shipments, not long after it was exposed to problem of crash, to a certain extent reducing the user's desire to buy it. On the one hand is the flight control of the anti-jamming and robustness is not good enough, on the other hand is the lack of power of the aircraft. So last year Xiaomi announced that 1080P users to provide "free maintenance" (the replacement of more powerful motor), in fact, is a disguised recall. 

This time, the Mi Drone 4K used a more advanced dual IMU and compass, theoretically can enhance the safety of the aircraft, The Phantom 3SE continues the Phantom 3 series of consistent flight control and sensors, and stability is obvious to all. Want a violent contrast review? 

Phantom 3SE and Mi Drone 4K are using visual positioning technology (monocular), Phantom 3SE can be in the absence of GPS indoor to rely on the visual to keep hover; but Mi Drone 4K fewer than 14 GPS satellites are unable to take off ...... Have no idea this time Xiaomi if open the function of indoor take-off; and rely on look-down, whether it can be a stable hover.

After-Sales Service

I think novice flying drone the most terrible thing is, have not learned how to fly it, but the drone crashed. Last year xiaomi forum was occupied by various post-sale issues of xiaomi drone, Xiaomi may not even think of the after-sale problem so tricky. 

So phantom 3SE DJI Care renewal plan is still a little practical, especially if you are a novice, if it crashed then pay some money will be able to change a new one, that is, spend some money to buy a "regret medicine". Maybe it's cost-effective for novice. 

Today is the new Mi Drone 4K first day for sale, it can be said at this critical moment to release Phantom 3SE, obviously it is aimed at Mi Drone 4K. Both from the price to function almost exactly the same, one is the "old brand" DJI, one is the new member of drone market Xiaomi, their targets also are entry-level unmanned aerial vehicles market. This time xiaomi really ready for it?

Last year xiaomi mi drone's live conference was impressive, cause it crashed in live broadcast, however, 1080P version has been delayed until the 11.11 to sell, originally promised in July to open beta version of 4K has been delayed until now, why? The reason I think xiaomi engineers should have been bug fixes, and DJI has released Mavic, Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2 in an orderly manner ... 

In the high-end drone products, Xiaomi is clearly not yet enough R & D strength, so mi drone 4K version of the positioning is ultra-high cost-effective of entry products. But drone is a very dangerous product, not because it is the entry of products to reduce its safety or stability.

Another key issue that users concerned: accessories, DJI Drone's accesories you can get from many channels like aliexpress, amazon and online shipping store like Geekbyuing, you do not have to worry about buying accessories. But xiaomi mi drone is just the opposite, gimbal, battery etc accessories can not find where to buy, neither in the omnipotent Taobao. 

In summary, DJI Phantom 3 SE Is More Worth Buying Than Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K, at least for now, this is no doubt, welcome your opinions and comments.  

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Unboxing Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K In Here, With 5 Major Hardware Upgrade

Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K version will be listed on March 3, priced at 2999 yuan (battery retail price of 499 yuan). Compared to 1080p version, Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K version has gone through more than 400 software optimization, in addition to five major hardware upgrades, the use of experience will be a higher level.

Compared to Xiaomi Mi Drone 1080P Version, 4K version uses two sets of independent heterogeneous IMU and compass sensor, this is the same level in the UAV is rare. Flight controllers in real-time monitoring two-way integration of sensor data and for comparison, to ensure the accuracy of flight data.

At the same time, 4K version made an optimization in terms of battery duration, 1.2mm ultra-thin process with lightweight body design. Battery adopt 4.35V high-voltage lithium polymer batteries as a matching power supply, composed of four batteries in series, standard voltage 15.2V, capacity 5100mAh, total power 77.52Wh, life time up to 26 minutes.

In terms of aerial photography, 4K version with 12 million pixel Sony back-illuminated sensor, video maximum resolution of 3840 * 2160, and support RAW format. Compared to the 1080P version, 4k version with a new image transmission program based on TDMA technology, not only has significantly stronger than the traditional Wi-Fi program anti-jamming performance, but also to map the distance from the original 1 km to 4 km, allowing the player to have a broader perspective.

4K version camera equipped with a 3-axis brushless self-stabilizing gimbal, built-in 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis brushless motor drive, Up to 2000 times per second data acquisition and computing compensation, so that the camera has reached the pixel-level stability accuracy, and finally make the shooting image completely out of jitter.

4K version using a foldable landing gear, removable integrated PTZ, through this modular, foldable and lightweight design allows it to easily put into the ordinary backpack, easy to carry.

Here is Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K Version unboxing pictures