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The things you don't know about drone's smart lithium battery, Part II

Part II: Smart lithium battery point defects

1. A substantial increase in costs

Core of smart lithium battery is management circuitry, this part of the circuit board, management chip, single-chip, MOS tubes etc constitute the main parts. Such a battery management module, based on a battery pack for each unit of corresponds to supporting that is, each lithium battery pack requires additional management on such a same circuit. These increases in production costs, without exception, require the user to pay. You may have noticed that the price of the popular drone smart lithium batteries are not cheap, Because in their smart battery has a set of independent charge and discharge management circuits, as well as other additional features.

2. Non-defective product rate and production capacity reduce

In order to avoid the occurrence of after-sale problems, in the production process will take more time to detect and selection. The time it takes to detect will cause a decline in production capacity, and non-defective product rate will affect the final production, substandard products increased production costs! All the costs increased, and ultimately will need to pay by the user.

3. Monopoly problem

It is well known manufacturers in order to protect their own interests to adopt smart lithium encryption means make the aircraft is not compatible with other lithium batteries. Not only extremely difficult to crack, once firmware upgrade, it is possible to crack failure. Manufacturers build technical barriers, so that it can peacefully enjoy technology bonus, but users have to bear the high price and faces a goods hard to get situation.


The current situation is not conducive to the promotion of the new generation of drones market prosperity, but also no reason to increase the economic burden on consumers and procurement difficult.

Ideal drones intelligent lithium batteries, should be further simplified functional, no need to repeat those modules manufactured in the shift from the intelligent battery into aircraft or into the charger; For example: discharge management module, charge management module. it can reduce production costs without changing the original premise of function, increase productivity, but also has great significance in environmental protection, because you do not repeat the production of unneeded circuitry (future e-waste).

About the smart lithium encryption, it can take authorized by the original manufacturer, number of certified batteries production in the form of enterprise collaboration. This will not affect the interests of the original manufacturers, but also increases the production capacity, expanding the user's choice, batteries supply is abundant, and the quadcopter will become more popular, and ultimately gain greater market growth momentum, as well as bring customer satisfaction upgrade.


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