Sunday, October 18, 2015

Skysense Drone Charging Pad, Your Quadcopter's "Gas station"

Skysense, San Diego based and Qualcomm backed company, has built a solution that automates charging, pre-flight checks and data capture for your drone missions, making drone deployments economically scalable.

How does it work? The Skysense Charging Pad is compatible with all battery-powered drones nowadays on the market like Parrot AR.Drone, DJI Phantom. You can retrofit existing drones installing the Drone Kit: The Micro High-Power LiPo Charger to connect to the drone battery and spring-loaded contacts to install on the landing gear.

When the drone lands, the spring-loaded contacts establish a physical contact with the Charging Pad and the charging process starts.

The Skysense Network Manager empowers operators to easily access and manage all charging pads remotely. Online APIs and dashboard provide access to all information and services needed to operate, manage and benefit from the Skysense charging infrastructure:

Examples include anomalous temperature and humidity warnings, drone takeoff and landing notifications, battery health monitoring and drone power on/off on demand.

This charging pad come with 4 sizes: Compact: 462×462 mm (4.9 Kg) / Medium: 924×924 mm (18.3 Kg) / Wide: 1386×1386 mm (40.6 Kg) and Large: 1848×1848 mm (68.9 Kg).  Two options drone kit charger: Skysense Charger 2-4S LiPo batteries (100g) and Skysense Charger 2-6S LiPo batteries (150g). The price depending on size, $1800 for compact; $2600 for medium; $5400 for wide; $7800 for large. Pre-ordder link

It is worth to spend so much money to buy this Drone Charging Pad?

Top 5 Drone Brand, What are the advantages of their technology?


  1. How do they balance the battery pack?

    1. I've consult it with they custommer service, but no answer

  2. Dear Sir or Madam,

    As Manufacturer of the Aibot X6 multisensor copter we kindly ask you to delete the recommendation for our UAV. Aibotix does not recommend to use the Skysense Charging Pad for the Aibot X6 since we did not test it with our platform.

    Kind regards,

    Benjamin Federmann

    Director Marketing & Communications

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  4. Drone, DJI Phantom. You can retrofit existing drones installing the Drone Kit: The Micro High-Power LiPo Charger to connect to the drone ...

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