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Top 5 Drone Brand, What are the advantages of their technology?

DJI, ZERO, EHANG, Lily, 3DR etc. Drone manufacturers started a full range of competition in 2015, the various new technologies emerging on stage one after another. For manufacturers, in addition to the level of competition in the market, competition in technology accumulation is becoming intensified. Let's look at the technical advantages of major manufacturers. 

DJI: Indoor Vision Positioning 
GPS positioning system is one of the great key technical to support drone flight safety. DJI Phantom 3 increases the indoor positioning system, the virtual positioning technology that allows aircraft flying smoothly in the indoor. DJI company said, after several Phantom Drone can not fly in the indoor, because the device only control its position via GPS smooth flight, and steady flight in the wind. 

Zero: Video Tracking + Automatic Obstacle Avoidance
Drone's follows function is a little more concerned about the professional enthusiast, the main solution is GPS follow: Aircraft through on goal GPS module or GPS signal issued by the portable device locking to reach point to point tracking, but the GPS signal follows requirements of of the environment is relatively high, but the accuracy is not stable follow. In order to improve Drone follow experience, Zero Drone in the upcoming second generation product added Followsnap (visual tracking technology) through the camera for image recognition and tracking, greatly improving the accuracy of Drone to follow in each kinds complex environment will not be affected much.

Zero Explorer Xplorer FPV 5.8G RC Quadcopter

Automatic obstacle avoidance capability is a major new technology of drone manufacturers to optimize product features. Maybe can let Drone flight success within a certain time for the profesionals, but not for novices, when the quadcopter encounter wires, tree branches and other obstacles, they need technology to help them avoid risks. Recently, In the Innovators Summit that Geeks Park and Baidu News co-sponsored, ZERO demonstrate to the public the first consumer-level Drone that mounted an automatic obstacle avoidance function and visual tracking technology. DJI innovation, Skycatch, also as the representative of Drone companies have participated in the forum with Shenzhen ZERO, showcase cutting-edge science and technology in the field of Drone.

Zero drone flight control system in the professional-level drone market is comparable with DJI, therefore, consumer-level Drone flight control system has inherent advantages. The modular design of zero is another important innovation, now most of the drone is the whole design, and zero designed ZERO XPLORER's fuselage, flight control, PTZ camera, battery, and several other important modules. Not only easy to carry, and later upgraded in the aftermarket maintenance has many advantages.

Ehang: Build a mobile terminal platform
Ehang products and mobile terminals combined, simplified control mode, to provide differentiated and innovative control experience. Ehang use mobile devices APP to simplified Drone control methods, added Gaode Map Navigation services, to achieve mobile equipment APP manipulation and intelligent flight. Operate in the mobile terminal, for the novice reduce the difficulty of the operation.

Lily: Waterproof Function
Lily camera drone caught the attention of young people, so it rise to fame soon. The three main highlights: Waterproof, throw fly and tracking shot, especially the waterproof function, for those who prefer selfie, play water sports users, Lily is very attractive.

Lily uses a GPS to follow, that is on the aircraft and manipulator's hand will have a GPS module, GPS data can be obtained through the flight control algorithm written, let the aircraft follow manipulator hands "remote control". However, this summary mode 3DRobotics and Ehang's flight control systems can be achieve, so lily does not have a distinct advantage.

3DR latest Drone IRIS + support "FollowMe" function
This feature can track any Android devices with GPS function. UAV flight path set by the user on a tablet or mobile applications, Drone can fly along the flight path, the user can concentrate on shooting.

Market competition is multifaceted, technology is fundamental, for manufacturers, with continuous fermentation Drone concept, the competition will become increasingly brutal. From indoor positioning to water proof, throw to fly, new technologies emerging. But at the same time developing new technologies, development of new uses of drone and new applications equally critical, who took the lead in UAV's innovation, who will lead the trend.


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