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FAQ: JJRC H5M RC Quadcopter With 2.0MP HD Camera Music Function

Q . Receiver staus LED blinks continuosly for more than 4 seconds after flight vehicle battery inserted. No response to control input.

A. Unable to blind to transmitter. Repeat the power up initializing process.

Q. No response after battery is connected to flight vehicle. 

A: 1. It is possible the transmitter and receiver didn't connected the power, turn on transmitter and ensure flight vehicle battery is inserted properly.
     2.  Check transmitter and receiver voltage, replace a fully charged battery.
     3. Poor contact on battery terminal, re-seat the battery and ensure good contact between battery contacts.

Q. Motor does not respond to throttle stick, recerver LED flashes. 

A. The battery is dead, replace a fully charged battery o charge the battery.

Q. Main motor spins but unable to take off.

A. Two reason: 1. Deformed main blades, just replace the new one; 2. Don't have enough power, replace the battery.

Q. Strong vibration of flight vihicle

A. Deformed main blades, just replace the new blade.

Q. Tail still off trim after tab adjustment, or inconsistent speed during left/right pirouette. 

A: 1. Damaged tail rotors, replace the main blades
     2. Damaged tail drive motor, replace the main rotor.

Q. Flight vihicle still wonders forward after trim adjustment during hover.

A. Gyroscope midpoint is incorrect, the boot will fine-tune the normanlized neutral point, reboot.

Q. Flight vehicle still wonders left/right after trim adjustment during hover. 

A: 1. Motor off, replace the motor;
     2. Cone loose, Installed tight cone


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