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How To Extend Hubsan X4 H501S Remote Control Distance?

Hubsan X4 501S is a cost-effective small drone quadcopter, but image transmission distance just about 300 meters, if you want extend the transmission distance, it's easy, even no necessary change the antenna, just follow these 3 steps: 

1. As shown below image, original antenna head is inward direction, put this antenna to get down, let it outward, and as far as possible by remote control edge

2. Like following image, 5.8g receiver original is mounted to the inside, to make it as close to the front, near the remote edges, and pouring sealant.

3. As shown below: separated in the middle with aluminum foil, then gumming, remember higher a little, the back cover just to suppress.

Thus, modification is completed, should be noted that, 2.4G inclined 45 degrees to install, 5.8g flat antenna, please try to tilt outward or parallel with the housing, this can be slightly adjusted by the test. 

Upon completion, re-frequency remote control and aircraft:
Press the camera button, open the remote control, below appears plan xxxxxx fonts, aircraft close to remote control, power on, after a few seconds, frequency success. 

How to test?
Power on the H501S, into an enclosed space, and then take remote control away from the aircraft, until the image starts to flash (close no image), then enter the remote control menu (menu can appears), compare the screen effect is there a difference with the previous effect, if there is, prove interference persists, 5.8G and 2.4G antenna to fine-tune, if there is no difference in effect or difference is very small, congratulations to you, eliminate interference successful.

This is because the 2.4G transmission will interfere received on 5.8G, so simply following the above three steps, we can achieve the effect of anti-interference, then the distance can reach 1200m. 

Look this test video after modificate.


  1. hello friend what pusistes him in the middle is aluminum Greetings

  2. Your post is very helpful, thank you. If you have decided to enter the world of RC quadcopters, and you are looking for one that is great for a beginner, you need to know about what things to focus on. The best part is that the Hubsan X4 offers all those things. You can know more here See more

  3. My 5 Lipo Batterys showing as RED\EMPTY on the tx. What am I doing wrong... I have intelligent charger... Proffit

  4. i placed 4 nos of AA battery (panasonic 1.5V) new. But still showing low mode of battery for remote at upper right corner. and replaced new batteries again and again. still suddenly show lower battery signal.what happen?

    1. Too cheap of batteries. Gotta go full price and get energizer or duracell, nimh or regular, or wire a lipo in. Lipo will get u 4 times the flight time

    2. With AA batteries you will never get full spectrum.
      I changed for lipo battery and ( actually I can use for nearly 10 flights with just one charge.

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  6. Hello, i don't understand, mine is H501s advanced, with exterieur antennas, and i loose video after 100m... where is the problem?

  7. Yeah I followed these instructions but still I haven't been able to get video on my controller, any further than just under 200 meters :/
    I haven't been able to get the hubsan to climb any further than 250 meters since the day I got it either :(
    Would really love to get to 1200! It's becoming an obsession lol!

  8. i've issues on the 5.8 ghz antenna.. replaced the stock with the external panel.. but same issues... after 20-30 meters i lost the signal... (sometimes on open spaces i can reach 150 meters)

    the external 5.8 ghz probably don't need the ALUMINIUM foil... to prevent interferences.

  9. Check the right rear leg (top view) of the quad. verify the onboard antenna is al the way down into the light lens. If Video is poor, Calibrate Remote and quad. Go into menue. Go into 5.8g settings. Walk away from quad until signal begins to break up. scan through frequencies to see if you can get a better signal. ALSO beware firmware upgrades? Some are not compatable with different quad boards and controllers. Contact Hubsan for info on comparability.
    Note, Trees, buildings, fog, quad elevation, anything between your reciever and controller can cause a change in distance. performance. KA4WYO


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