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Review JJRC H22 3D Inverted Fly Mini RC Quadcopter

JJRC H22 except support general "headless" mode, one key to 3D tumbling, but also can be used for 180-degrees inverted flight and high-speed 360-degree rotation, full of interesting, is indeed quite attractive.

Body design: the full integrated design

H22 is JJRC brand's new parity exercise quadcopter, also it’s a new models support the aerobatics flight, the body size only 13 x 13 x 3cm, can be used for outdoor or indoor flight. JJRC H22 adopted full integrated design of Ready to Fly, except pre-installed propellers, the body is more pre-set with protective frame. This protection frame protects the propellers, let propellers to keep a little distance from the ground, so propellers can rotate smooth to lift off the drone when the quad placed on the ground at 180 degrees; In other words, even if the body unfortunately overturned, H22 also can lifte off to help themselves. However, the protective frame has been integrated with the body, can not be independently replaced after damage.

It uses replaceable battery design, but there is no independent switch, so each time you switch the machine, must manually connect or disconnect the battery, a little inconvenience. On the box have a backup propellers, USB charging cable and English manual, and with four shock absorbers affixed, so that players can be installed on the quadcopter bottom corners, so that can absorb shock when the quad landing.

Transmitter operation: function switch not very convenient

JJRC H22 remote control similar to Cheerson CX-10C in appearance, but at the top of each side have one more control key, three-speed switch on the left, the right is a key to 3D tumbling or 180-degree inverted flight. Main body has two control joystics, which are used to adjust the throttle intensity, direction, and control head and front, rear, left and right side fly, while there are front and rear, left and right trim control button. Similarly, a small number function keys on the controller, so some of the features include: one key return, one key 3D tumbling or 180-degree inverted flight switching function, are required press down firmly the joystic to perform, a little inconvenient.

Flight operations: high control sensitivity
JJRC H22 is Ready to Fly design, as long as the battery installed and then start the remote control, can make automatic frequency, then you can take off immediately, the operation is quite simple. JJRC H22 though not as high-end drones support automatic takeoff, automatic landing, automatic altitude etc, but there are also provide most basics one key return function, and benefit from the built-in 6-axis gyroscope, the flight is stable.

During the flight, players simply press the button on the remote control upper right corner, and move the right joystick in either direction, JJRC H22 would be to tumbling 180 degrees and inverted flight in this direction. Pressing the left joystick, you can start one key return flight mode; then move the joystick in any direction, will enter the "headless" flight mode. It is worth noting that in "headless" mode, the player can not use a key 3D tumbling or inverted flight function.

After testing found the high sensitivity of JJRC H22 remote control, that is as long as the joystick to move a little, the quad will make a significant move; It is recommended that players switched to the highest speed in the outdoor open environment. Its high-speed 360-degree rotation, in fact, only in the most high-speed mode, using the left joystick for rotation only. 

It uses 3.7V / 220mAh battery, and battery life is about 6 minutes. Charging via USB cable, for about 45 minutes, and fortunately it using replaceable design, you can consider to buy a spare battery. 

JJRC H22 though not provide aerial capabilities, but its inverted flight 180 degrees, 360 high-speed rotation function also attractive, with high flight speed, so that users can perform aerobatics flight arbitrarily. But its remote high sensitivity, so the require players have certain technical. Get JJRC H22 for $21.99 from Geekbuying.


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