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ZERO XIRO Xplorer V Review

Drone market is also very competitive like those mobile phone, ZEROTECH it's the most ambitious and powerful one, this year launched their first civilian aerial drone XIRO Xplorer, have three versions: Xplorer, Xplorer G and Xplorer V.

XIRO Xplorer V is a four-axis aerial drone with 350mm wheelbase, like the DJI Phantom Series. XIRO Xplorer V body design is extremely pleasing, full of technology design looks cool, aerial cameras modular design is the key. Before carrying out, you can remove the camera module and battery, and  folded the landing gear, then placed in a backpack, The total weight with the battery is only 1,220g, so its portability is very high.  The main disadvantage is exposed battery module design, safety inferior to built design. So before takeoff, the user must check whether the battery is locked each time, to avoid fall off during the flight.

Xplorer V adopted modular design, the body can be folded, camera modules and batteries are removeble
Exposed battery design, so the user must check battery installation before every flight
Xplorer V remote control to operate a frequency of 5.8GHz, theoretically less affected by mainstream 2.4 GHz radio and Wi-Fi signals interference. Its signal is valid only from the 500m, really not far away, but for entry-players, it's enough. Remote control looks impressive, with integrated streamlined design, repeaters can also be placed in the back of the remote control. At the top of the remote control have mobile phone bracket, you can place your smartphone to preview photographic images of aerial shot.


Xplorer V remote control preset three flight control settings, the lowest level 1 allows drone automatic lifting, Level 2 and 3 is manual flight; if you want to enjoy high-speed flight, have to set level 3. On the remote control also have IOC headless flying button, return button, take off lifting button, angle mirror adjustment ring, control functions are complete. But, there are two places minus points: First, the remote control does not capture key, all shooting operations must be performed on the smartphone touch screen; the second is the remote control provided only USB charging function, you can not install another AA battery for emergency use, a bit not practical enough.

XIRO Xplorer V shooting functions only in dedicated mobile phone app "XIRO" can be enabled. Except the basic control, "XIRO" also provides Follow Me, Around Me, and maps flight, but must open the phone built-in GPS function first, before you enjoy the functions described above. "XIRO" panel displays information quite complete, flight altitude, speed, distance, direction are clear, but the real-time preview image resolution is not ideal, only VGA series (640 x 480), and the image  time lag is quite obvious, even if the players do not mind, but also take the time to adapt, otherwise they will crash at any time! Currently "XIRO" has iOS and Android versions.

XIRO Xplorer V's flying ability is not the top, low altitude hover effect is not very outstanding, but the cost-effective is good, and also has a comparatively good portability, very convenient for traveling or outing etc. In addition, its shooting quality is surprise, imaging results are very satisfactory. If improve the quality of image transmission preview of App, and add shoot botton on the transmitter, the overall performance will become more perfect.

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Aerial photos shoot by ZERO XIRO Xplorer V


  1. The design of this drone makes it really interesting. However, the camera, eventhough it seems amazing on the paper, knows to be a bit problematic, you can check it out here


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