Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How To Extend Hubsan X4 H501S Remote Control Distance?

Hubsan X4 501S is a cost-effective small drone quadcopter, but image transmission distance just about 300 meters, if you want extend the transmission distance, it's easy, even no necessary change the antenna, just follow these 3 steps: 

1. As shown below image, original antenna head is inward direction, put this antenna to get down, let it outward, and as far as possible by remote control edge

2. Like following image, 5.8g receiver original is mounted to the inside, to make it as close to the front, near the remote edges, and pouring sealant.

3. As shown below: separated in the middle with aluminum foil, then gumming, remember higher a little, the back cover just to suppress.

Thus, modification is completed, should be noted that, 2.4G inclined 45 degrees to install, 5.8g flat antenna, please try to tilt outward or parallel with the housing, this can be slightly adjusted by the test. 

Upon completion, re-frequency remote control and aircraft:
Press the camera button, open the remote control, below appears plan xxxxxx fonts, aircraft close to remote control, power on, after a few seconds, frequency success. 

How to test?
Power on the H501S, into an enclosed space, and then take remote control away from the aircraft, until the image starts to flash (close no image), then enter the remote control menu (menu can appears), compare the screen effect is there a difference with the previous effect, if there is, prove interference persists, 5.8G and 2.4G antenna to fine-tune, if there is no difference in effect or difference is very small, congratulations to you, eliminate interference successful.

This is because the 2.4G transmission will interfere received on 5.8G, so simply following the above three steps, we can achieve the effect of anti-interference, then the distance can reach 1200m. 

Look this test video after modificate.

Friday, December 25, 2015

MJX X101 With FPV C4008 Real-Time Image Transmission Camera Review

Although MJX X101 is only a parity exercise drone quadcopter , but built with a gimbal of shock-absorbing function. So, aerial players except the preloaded 720p FPV aerial cameras, also can install GoPro, SJCAM, Xiaomi Xaioyi Action and other sports cameras, to provide a better shooting.

MJX X101 compare with Syma X5SW, the dimension is slightly larger, the dimension is 52.5 x 52.5 x 18.5cm, weight 420 grams, coupled with the use of super magnetic motor, can be said that have reached medium-sized four-axis machine series, the purpose of course is to provide better wind resistance and more stable flight performance.

Syma X5SW Explorers 2 FPV RC Quadcopter RTF 360 Degree Eversion Wifi Headless Mode, $74.99, FREE SHIPPING 

X101 installed a shock absorption PTZ, available for load weight of 100 grams, the higher the quality of third-party aerial shoot camera, for example: GoPro, SJCAM, Xiaomi Xaioyi Action and so on. It must be noted that the factory did not come with the relevant camera buckles, in other words, the user should try to put their own third party aerial camera mounted on X101 fixed gimbal. Because MJX X101 very large volume, it is recommended only flying outdoors.

MJX X101 though is Ready to Fly design, but the players have to manually install the landing skid, image transmission lens assembly, protective frame and so on, Because need to use screws to fix, so it takes some time. MJX X101 fuselage bottom has a separate power switch button, no need to pull the battery can be directly shut down. The LED Lights of fuselage bottom and front, in addition to allowing the player to identify the quad head direction and for the night flight, but also flash rapidly to warning the quadcopter is low power, Aerial Players can also use the remote control to turn off lights at the bottom of the fuselage.

MJX X101 remote control connected to the vehicle using the 2.4GHz frequency spectrum, provide the operating range up to 100 meters and support four-channel control, but also left and right mode switch, and to allow independent setting about whether the joystick rebound, particularly convenient for left-handed players. Meanwhile, the remote control except features one key return button, headless mode function button, but also with four trim button, and an LED panel displays the status, also allows users to control the throttle output power to limit flight altitude. Overall, the interface layout is very comprehensive.

MJX X101 come with C4008 aerial camera component, is FPV (First-Person View) real-time image transmission lens, can connect to Wi-Fi "MJX_FPV_XXXX" via smartphone or tablet. Once connected, start "MJX FPV" app, and select "MONITOR" to display real-time images. Main software interface is provided: video recording, camera, replay, and other external wireless signal icon, also 180 degrees flip image function to facilitate shooting angle with aerial shots. C4008 assembly available for inserting a MicroSD card, so when you take a photo or video recording in addition to image transmission instantly and storage to your smartphone, but also synchronize stored into the MicroSD card. Aerial video using MPEG4 compression format, BitRate about 4,200kbps.

MJX C4008 720P Real Time Aerial FPV Camera Set, $30.98

When it is flying in the outdoors, the wind resistance is impressive, plus built-in 6-axis gyroscope, flying quite stable. At the same time, the engine speed, the output power is very high, so ascend very fast, when tested to full output, less than 15 seconds has ascended nearly 100 meters. During the test flight, found MJX X101 control range more than 100 meters, conservatively estimated to about 150 meters, but in the long distance, the control response will be a little delay, should pay more attention when fly the X101.

MJX X101 although haven’t automatic takeoff / landing, air pressure high altitude etc advanced features, but it support "headless flight" mode and one key return function. Click the return key on the upper left corner in "headless mode", X101 will be looking for the remote control direction, but lack of GPS positioning function, X101 does not automatically stop, users still have to do it manually. MJX X101 using 7.2V / 1200mAh high capacity battery, flight time up to 12 minutes, but due to voltage, high power, therefore unable to charging via USB, you must use a dedicated AC adapter, and need 1.5 hours to fully charge.

MJX X101 equipped C4008 image transmission components, providing the highest high-definition resolution of 1280 x 720, but only supports the image transmission, does not support voice transmission. MJX X101 using Wi-Fi transfer image in real time to your smartphone or tablet, the image fluency affected by Wi-Fi signal strength, such as control distance is too far away appears tabbing, and even pause. Fortunately, MJX X101 can synchronize videos stored in MicroSD, this part will not affect by Wi-Fi signal, at long range, the picture is not pause. Because MJX X101 only to 25fps take video record, so fast-moving, the picture is still a little bit delayed. When the quadcopter substantial lifting ot rotated, aerial picture will appear Jello Effect, estimated to be caused by gimbal shock absorbers lack of flexibility..

MJX X101 have a good price, provide a better flying experience than other similar products, with "headless mode", "one key return flight" and other useful features; preloaded C4008 aerial camera has been able to offer 720p HD resolution, sufficient to allow beginners to enjoy aerial fun. If you want to shoot with higher quality aerial images, you upgrade to GoPro, SJCAM, Xiaomi Xiao Yi  Action and other sports camera, make the aircraft more playable. You can get this MJX X101 from Geekbuying for $45.99

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

MJX X400/X600 Transmitter Modification Tutorial, Remote Distance Reached 260 Meters

Remote control distance of MJX X400 is too limited, it is not enjoyable, so someone hands-on retrofitted the remote control and the receiver's antenna, through field tests, can reach 260 meters.

The original intention is to try to do more with less, this modification will cost a few dollars, but nearly double the distance can be increased more than the original.  This Modification Program has not yet seen in other places, is an experienced chinese player release on internet after screening test, good things are not exclusive, share it with you.

The transmitter of MJX X400 & MJX X600 is same one, so this modification tutorial also suitable for MJX X600.

Hubsan X4 Plus H107C+ Unboxing
ZERO XIRO Xplorer V Review
JJRC H22 Inverted Fly Drone Review

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Review JJRC H22 3D Inverted Fly Mini RC Quadcopter

JJRC H22 except support general "headless" mode, one key to 3D tumbling, but also can be used for 180-degrees inverted flight and high-speed 360-degree rotation, full of interesting, is indeed quite attractive.

Body design: the full integrated design

H22 is JJRC brand's new parity exercise quadcopter, also it’s a new models support the aerobatics flight, the body size only 13 x 13 x 3cm, can be used for outdoor or indoor flight. JJRC H22 adopted full integrated design of Ready to Fly, except pre-installed propellers, the body is more pre-set with protective frame. This protection frame protects the propellers, let propellers to keep a little distance from the ground, so propellers can rotate smooth to lift off the drone when the quad placed on the ground at 180 degrees; In other words, even if the body unfortunately overturned, H22 also can lifte off to help themselves. However, the protective frame has been integrated with the body, can not be independently replaced after damage.

It uses replaceable battery design, but there is no independent switch, so each time you switch the machine, must manually connect or disconnect the battery, a little inconvenience. On the box have a backup propellers, USB charging cable and English manual, and with four shock absorbers affixed, so that players can be installed on the quadcopter bottom corners, so that can absorb shock when the quad landing.

Transmitter operation: function switch not very convenient

JJRC H22 remote control similar to Cheerson CX-10C in appearance, but at the top of each side have one more control key, three-speed switch on the left, the right is a key to 3D tumbling or 180-degree inverted flight. Main body has two control joystics, which are used to adjust the throttle intensity, direction, and control head and front, rear, left and right side fly, while there are front and rear, left and right trim control button. Similarly, a small number function keys on the controller, so some of the features include: one key return, one key 3D tumbling or 180-degree inverted flight switching function, are required press down firmly the joystic to perform, a little inconvenient.

Flight operations: high control sensitivity
JJRC H22 is Ready to Fly design, as long as the battery installed and then start the remote control, can make automatic frequency, then you can take off immediately, the operation is quite simple. JJRC H22 though not as high-end drones support automatic takeoff, automatic landing, automatic altitude etc, but there are also provide most basics one key return function, and benefit from the built-in 6-axis gyroscope, the flight is stable.

During the flight, players simply press the button on the remote control upper right corner, and move the right joystick in either direction, JJRC H22 would be to tumbling 180 degrees and inverted flight in this direction. Pressing the left joystick, you can start one key return flight mode; then move the joystick in any direction, will enter the "headless" flight mode. It is worth noting that in "headless" mode, the player can not use a key 3D tumbling or inverted flight function.

After testing found the high sensitivity of JJRC H22 remote control, that is as long as the joystick to move a little, the quad will make a significant move; It is recommended that players switched to the highest speed in the outdoor open environment. Its high-speed 360-degree rotation, in fact, only in the most high-speed mode, using the left joystick for rotation only. 

It uses 3.7V / 220mAh battery, and battery life is about 6 minutes. Charging via USB cable, for about 45 minutes, and fortunately it using replaceable design, you can consider to buy a spare battery. 

JJRC H22 though not provide aerial capabilities, but its inverted flight 180 degrees, 360 high-speed rotation function also attractive, with high flight speed, so that users can perform aerobatics flight arbitrarily. But its remote high sensitivity, so the require players have certain technical. Get JJRC H22 for $21.99 from Geekbuying.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

ZERO XIRO Xplorer V Review

Drone market is also very competitive like those mobile phone, ZEROTECH it's the most ambitious and powerful one, this year launched their first civilian aerial drone XIRO Xplorer, have three versions: Xplorer, Xplorer G and Xplorer V.

XIRO Xplorer V is a four-axis aerial drone with 350mm wheelbase, like the DJI Phantom Series. XIRO Xplorer V body design is extremely pleasing, full of technology design looks cool, aerial cameras modular design is the key. Before carrying out, you can remove the camera module and battery, and  folded the landing gear, then placed in a backpack, The total weight with the battery is only 1,220g, so its portability is very high.  The main disadvantage is exposed battery module design, safety inferior to built design. So before takeoff, the user must check whether the battery is locked each time, to avoid fall off during the flight.

Xplorer V adopted modular design, the body can be folded, camera modules and batteries are removeble
Exposed battery design, so the user must check battery installation before every flight
Xplorer V remote control to operate a frequency of 5.8GHz, theoretically less affected by mainstream 2.4 GHz radio and Wi-Fi signals interference. Its signal is valid only from the 500m, really not far away, but for entry-players, it's enough. Remote control looks impressive, with integrated streamlined design, repeaters can also be placed in the back of the remote control. At the top of the remote control have mobile phone bracket, you can place your smartphone to preview photographic images of aerial shot.


Xplorer V remote control preset three flight control settings, the lowest level 1 allows drone automatic lifting, Level 2 and 3 is manual flight; if you want to enjoy high-speed flight, have to set level 3. On the remote control also have IOC headless flying button, return button, take off lifting button, angle mirror adjustment ring, control functions are complete. But, there are two places minus points: First, the remote control does not capture key, all shooting operations must be performed on the smartphone touch screen; the second is the remote control provided only USB charging function, you can not install another AA battery for emergency use, a bit not practical enough.

XIRO Xplorer V shooting functions only in dedicated mobile phone app "XIRO" can be enabled. Except the basic control, "XIRO" also provides Follow Me, Around Me, and maps flight, but must open the phone built-in GPS function first, before you enjoy the functions described above. "XIRO" panel displays information quite complete, flight altitude, speed, distance, direction are clear, but the real-time preview image resolution is not ideal, only VGA series (640 x 480), and the image  time lag is quite obvious, even if the players do not mind, but also take the time to adapt, otherwise they will crash at any time! Currently "XIRO" has iOS and Android versions.

XIRO Xplorer V's flying ability is not the top, low altitude hover effect is not very outstanding, but the cost-effective is good, and also has a comparatively good portability, very convenient for traveling or outing etc. In addition, its shooting quality is surprise, imaging results are very satisfactory. If improve the quality of image transmission preview of App, and add shoot botton on the transmitter, the overall performance will become more perfect.

If you like this ZERO XIRO Xplorer you can get it from geekbuying for $389.99, this item in on promotion, also DJI Phantom 3, you can check they Top XMAS Deals

Aerial photos shoot by ZERO XIRO Xplorer V