Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tutorial: How To Replace A Wide-angle Lens For Hubsan X4 H107C

Hubsan X4 H107C($45.99 on GeekBuying.com) original lens is relatively narrow. Here I want to show you how to replace wide angle lens.

First, loosen the screw at the bottom, then open four buttons marking with the white ring, thereby opening the case.

After the case is opened, it is recommended to photograph the original position of each parts including electric wires, avoiding to restore when you forget the position and direction etc. Remove the battery module and take out the video module. Pls note the video module with the main circuit board is connected by two wires for supplying power. You must be careful not to break the wire.

Lens is directly connected with the photosensitive element, then connecting with video module through the wire. To unload the photosensitive element and lens, you just need to push up the black lock light according to the direction of yellow arrow as the below picture shows.

If you want to change it into the lens of 808 #16 Keychain camera, you can search "808 #16 lens D" on online store like eBay and you will find it. This camcorder has 3 lenses such as lens A, lens B D and lens D. Lens D is wide angle lens which is suitable for the modification of H107C. If you just only want to replace the lens for H107C, you can buy a 808 #16 lens with a light sensitive element. If the machine load is heavy, you can consider the one lifting 808 #16 camcorder, because the video quality is recognized as the best based on the weight of the camera.

The next step is to separate the lens from the light sensitive element. There is glue or hot melt adhesive to fix between the lens and photosensitive element except screws, lens mount, so we need to remove the exposed solid glue. Someone cleans the lens mount with melt glue liquid. But I’m afraid it may flow to the photosensitive element. Suggest that you had better not use liquid to clean.

Clamp the square part of the photosensitive element with the tool, then clip the lens tightly with nails. Take out the lens with counter clockwise rotation. At this time you will see more glue in the lens mount. Pls clean up.

Take out the 808 #16 lens in the same way. You can see 808 #16 lens is bigger than the original lens, but their lens mount dimensions are the same, so they can be interchanged.

The sizes of both the photosensitive elements are similar and even the wire sizes are similar, too. But if you try to directly swap the two and install the 808 #16 photosensitive element, H107C video module does not work.

Next , restore the entire video module without installing the lens. The 808 #16 size of the lens is big. It can’t cross the H107C lens aperture.

Finally the lens of 808 #16 is installed on the lens mount through case. The lens will protrude, It is in the middle of the two arms, so it is not easy to be damaged and the angle is just right. It will not record the two propellers in the screen. They match well.

Hardware has been installed. The last step is to debug focus. Rotate the lens through the lens mount and turn the lens with hands. Because of H107C without instant image output function, you will need to take video, then check weather the focus is right on your computer. It needs to repeat 4 or 5 times for achieving relative perfect effect.

When everything is ready, you can take video by wide angle lens. 

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