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JJRC H20 VS MJX X900, Which One Is Better?

JJRC H20 and MJX X901 are the same entry level hexacopter, both in performance and price, if you are thinking about buy one of those two models, in this comparison review you will find out which one is better for you between the MJX X901 Nano Hexacopter and the JJRC H20 Nano Hexacopter. 

JJRC H20 Nano Hexacopter and MJX X900 Nano Hexacopter also comes with nicely packaged, the first thing you notice is the H20 comes with propeller guards preinstalled, more likely to avoid any damage if crashed, for beginners, especially for players with small children, the H20 more safty than X901. Both these Hexacopters look extremely well made: the X901 made in very strong rigid ABS plastic; and the H20 in a thinner plastic favored by the Micro class Quadcopters and Hexacopters. 

Turning both Hexacopters over you will see that the X900 has a battery that is enclosed in the body shell but the battery of the H20 Nano Hexacopter is detachable. This is great feature as you do not get a long flying time with RC models of this size. So buy a spare battery is highly recommend. With the X901 you will have to wait for your battery to charge before extending your drone flying experience. This Round JJRC H20 win. 

About the transmitter; the X900 remote is tiny compared to the remote control of the H20 Hexacopter, it may be OK for someone with small hands, but anyone with big hands is going to struggle with it, it’s so small. The remote control for the H20 is far bigger and far more user friendly. This depends on personal preference.

Both come with led lights, surpport night flight; the X900 Nano Drone with great blue led lights on the back four arms, red on the front two arms perfect for orientation. Three speed modes that are changed by pressing in the left stick and when in top speed or expert mode the Hexacopter will automatically flip if the right stick is quickly pushed in any direction. JJRC H20 Drone no led lights on the arms, the back red led lights and the front blue leds combined, with the two white front facing propellers were perfect for orientation. The H20 Drone also has three speed modes beginner, intermediate and expert and the speed modes are changed by pressing in the top left button on the transmitter. The H20 Hexacopter extremely easy to fly, it was super stable and in low speed rate perfect for beginners. In high or expert rate it was extremely fast. The propeller guards allowed you to ‘Bump’ off walls without crashing. Tested the JJRC H20 outside in a slight breeze and it handled very well and was fabulous fun to fly.

Those two hexacopter are suitable for beginner, if you just fly indoor, the difference is not so obvious, but to fly indoor & outdoor, the JJRC H20 is better than MJX X901, this is only personal opinion. Both models are available on geekbuying, JJRC H20 FRO $18.99 CLICK HERE, MJX X901 FOR $18.89 CLICK HERE


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