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ZEROTECH DOBBY Pocket Selfie Drone Compass calibration

Today let's learn how to calibrate the compass. When our DOBBY compass failure, the purple lights flash, then we need to calibrate the compass; when DOBBY can not be fixed hover in the air ("Gone with the Wind "situation), also need to calibrate the compass.

Enter compass calibration
First, we must choose in the open field to calibrate the compass.

Open DOBBY pocket UAV
DOBBY connection with the phone
Enter Do.Fun interface, click "Settings", select "compass calibration"
Select "Start"

Horizontal Calibration
Will first enter horizontal calibration mode, Please put DOBBY Horizontal in your hands 

At this time DOBBY indicator should be green light

Please keep DOBBY Horizontal slowly turn 2-3 circles in place

During rotation, keep the green light lit
Observe indicator
When the light changes from green (bottom left) to white light flashes (below right)
Horizontal calibration is complete
Automatically enter the vertical calibration mode

Vertical Calibration
After entering the vertical calibration mode
Please DOBBY machine head down
Perpendicular to the ground

At this time the machine indicator change from white blinking to white lights long bright
If the indicator still showed white lights flashing, you can adjust the angle slightly
In the white lights lit state
Holding DOBBY perpendicular to the ground (white light lit)
In place slowly rotate 2-3 circles

When white light is off, the magnetic field calibration is complete
APP interface prompts compass calibration is complete

Special Attention

  1. Compass calibration we must choose the open space, away from the wire, steel and other interferences;
  2. During compass calibration, please slowly rotated, while paying attention to indicator changes;
  3. When horizontal calibration, please keep the green light lit; vertical calibration, keep white light lit.

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  1. I have a little crash and not calibrated? Some recomendation?


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