Thursday, July 21, 2016

Zerotech Dobby Usage Guidelines: How To Download Dobby APP & Charging The Battery

Zerotech Dobby Pocket Selfie Drone now available for sale @ , but cause currently the manual is only in Chinese, so in order to let everyone more convenient to use DOBBY pocket drones, I will be launched Zerotech Dobby English Usage Guidelines in here, hope it's helpful for Zerotech Dobby Fans. Today let's talk about how to download app and charging the battery.

Do.Fun  APP

Do.Fun is ZEROTECH launched a UAV flight control software, DOBBY pocket drone flight control etc. need to control through the APP.


Users can log in directly ZEROTECH official website via PC, click to DOBBY page to download, or using mobile phone to scan QR code

iOS users can searching "Do.Fun" on the App Store to download the APP.
iOS users through App Store to download

Users can download "Do.Fun" APP via “零度智控” official wechat account. DOBBY! → APP下载 

Via wechat official account to download
Select the corresponding operating system

ios users, click the upper right corner of the screen "..." and select "Open in Safari" and then download it.

  Charging The Battery

Use DOBBY pocket drones official standard charging device for charging.


Power adapter, USB cable, charging cradle, battery

Place the battery into charging holder (see below picture), using a USB cable connect charging cradle and power adapter, plug the power adapter into a power outlet, charging will start. In the state of charge indicator is orange / red, when the light turns green, indicating that the battery is fully charged, remove the battery and disconnect the power.
In the state of charge indicator is orange / red
The light turns green, charging is complete.

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  1. Where do find the wifi connection password pls? I do not read chinese so the manual is hopeless. Charge up but cannot connect.

  2. Looks cool, at Geekbuying they sell it for $349.

  3. need help with quick register--keeps saying passcode not sent