Friday, April 22, 2016

Cheerson CX-10C Aerial Photography Mini RC Quadcopter Review

Cheerson and Syma are also famous for affordable remote control model manufacturers, Cheerson CX-10 series based on super mini body as a selling point, easy to use for indoor flight. CX-10C(Link to buy is the third generation of Cheerson CX-10 series, compared to the previous two generations of CX-10, CX-10A, they are similar in appearance and function, also mini volume of 62 x 62 x 22mm, and built-in "6-axis gyro" for stabilize quadcopter; came to the CX-10C, the factory was the first time in such a small body embedded in aerial photography lens, provides o.3MP pixels, support for pictures and video, images can be stored directly in the MicroSD card.

Cheng CX-10C is a mini camera quedcoper for beginners, with integrated Ready To Fly design. Propellers are pre-installed, just open the start key, and connect with transmitter, can immediately take off. Cheerson CX-10C inside the box hace set of extra propellers, USB charging cable and English manual.

Cheerson CX-10C's remote control also with mini size, Interface layout is very simple, two joystick separately control the throttle strength, head direction, and front, rear, left and right side flight, also provided pictures / video switch button, and basic trimming button. Cause few function keys on the remote control, so some features (such as flight speed switching, a key 3D tumbling, etc.) need to firmly press the joystick in order to perform, slightly inconvenient.

Cheerson CX-10C is cheap, flight feature is not very outstanding, no offer automatic take-off / landing, altitude hode, one key return etc functions (Newest nano quadcopter yes, like FQ777-126C ETC), Fortunately benefit from the built-in 6-axis gyroscope, indoor flight performance quite stable, and flight outdoor in windless also with good performance. Furthermore, Cheerson CX-10C using the 2.4 GHz spectrum, the effective control range is about 15-30 meters, but after the test found flew over 20 meters already "out of control".

This mini aerial photography quad, provides three flight speed for players to choose, it is recommended first by the low-speed to start, after slowly familiar manipulation, then step by step to increase speed. Cheerson CX-10C adopt built-in battery design, the user can not be removed and replaced its 3.7V / 120mAh battery. After the test found that after starting aerial photography function flight time only 2.5 minutes; turn off the aerial photography function, you can have 3.5 minutes of flight, flight time is too short. Fortunately, Cheerson CX-10C charging speed is very fast, takes about 20 minutes to complete the charge.

Cheerson CX-10C-top has a blue LED light will flash when taking photo, when recording video is continuously flashing. built-in 0.3MP photographic lens, resolution is only 640 x 480, the image quality like a general, but has been better than expected. About video recording, Cheerson CX-10C supports only picture, no voice recording; Captured video is stored directly into the MicroSD card, picture fluency is good, estimated at 30fps, but occasionally there are still a few "tabbing" situation. Video use MJPEG low compression format for storage, So file volume is very large, one minute short film reached about 80MB.

Cheerson CX-10C Gallery 

SYMA X5SW, Begginer's Cheap Aerial Photography RC Quadcopter Analysis

Aerial photography machine more and more popular hot in recent years, but to spend a few thousand dollars to buy a brand Aerial photography machine like DJI Phantom or DJI Inspire, I believe most people are not willing to spend, and also it's unwise. Syma X5SW precisely is a cheap Aerial Photography RC Quadcopter for beginner players with limited budgets, in addition to the basic 4-channel remote control, but also has a FPV (First-Person View) real-time image transmission lens assembly, so that users can through a smart phone or tablet, instantly receiving Aerial photography image, with fully functional but a good price.

Syma X5SW based on affordable as selling points, the body design is similar to Syma X5C, fuselage only 31.5 x 31.5 x 11.5cm, just weight 105g, flying indoor also no a problem. X5SW with integrated "Ready to Fly" design, propellers has been installed, as long as mounted the Aerial photography lens assembly and connect the battery then can take off. Noteworthy, Syma X5SW with separate power switch button, no need to disconnect the battery can be Power Off directly; 4 LED lights for players identify the direction and for night flights, also flash fast to warning you the quadcopter in low power. To facilitate entry players, the box comes with a protective circle, a set of extra Propellers and special screwdriver, even if "crash" unfortunately and minor damage, but also for basic repairs yourself.

Syma X5SW just little bigger than the iPad Mini


LED Light

Syma X5SW remote control and Aerial photography lens assembly operate independently, four axis machine control section to 2.4GHz frequency spectrum with remote control, provides operating range up to 100 meters; Image transmission with "Tx: 1, Rx: 1" IEEE802.11n Wi-Fi to connect your smartphone or tablet, the effective signal receiving distance just 50 meters. X5SW remote design can be said is extremely simplified, provides four-channel control, you can switch left and right mode, and set a key 3D tumbling and two-speed switching and other value-added features. The bottom of the remote control with LED panel to show the basic state.

LED Panel
Mobile phone support bracket conveniently placed smartphone for preview FPV images.
3D Tumbling Button
Aerial photography lens assembly operate independently, get power from the quadcopter. After power on, when the lens assembly lights to green, yellow flashing exchange, which represents the ready to connect, then use smart phone connect with the SSID "FPV WIFI_ACXX." After the connection, start the app "SYMA FPV", and select "START" to display real-time Aerial photography images. Currently "SYMA FPV" have Apple iOS and Android versions available for download. After taking pictures and videos respectively in JPG format and 3GP instantly stored in the smart phone.

"SYMA FPV" FPV can display real-time vide
Extra Propellers And Special Screwdriver
With affordable as selling points, Syma X5SW's performance is less than the high-end and mid-end models. It not only does not provide automatic takeoff / landing, air pressure altitude hold etc function, also without one key return function. Fortunately Syma X5SW built 6-axis gyroscope can automatically make the quadcopter to maintain balance, and also support manually throw fly and  "headless flight" mode. Because Syma X5SW does not support automatic set height, therefore through continuous regulating the throttle efforts to stabilize the quad height. Syma X5SW 3.7V / 500mAh battery, offer about 6-8 minutes flying time; such as the removal of Aerial photography Image transmission lens assembly can be an additional increase of about 2-3 minutes of flight time.

Syma X5SW Image transmission resolution is not high, only 640 x 480. At the same time, due to the use Wi-Fi transmitted in real time, the image fluency interference vulnerable to manipulation distance, other Wi-Fi signal. Flying at close range, the effect can still preview image, but the picture is still some delay, it still needs with "visual" to control flight, not rely on FPV image. 

Tutorial: Syma x5sw extended range modification

Syma X5SW provide real-time FPV function with good price, although the flight performance is less than the high-end and mid-end models, aerial quality is quite general, but it can provide "most original" UAV control experience for entry players, thereby hone their skills, as a stepping stone for future upgrade to the high-end models. Syma X5SW goes on sale for $74.99 Black & White Version, and the Orange Color Version For $69.99.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hubsan Newest Product Hubsan H107A, Handle Gimbal And 4K Camera

Hubsan H107A

Brand Name: Hubsan
Item No.: H107A
Item Name: H107A X4 FPV RC Quadcopter
Channal: 4CH
Transmitter type: 2.4G
GYRO: 6-axis
Camera: WIFI HD 720P
quadcopter Battery: 3.7V 2S 520MAH 15C Li Battery (Included)
Transmitter battery: 4 x AAA dry battery (Not included)
Flying Time: About 6 mins
Motor: coreless  0820  x4
The maximum level flight speed :5.6 m/s
R/C Distance: About 80-100m
Charging Time: about 65-75mins
Material Of Product: ABSAviation Material
Size Of Product: 106*106*40mm
Product wieght: 56.5g

Hubsan H107A Features:
1.With 720P WIFI HD Camera FPV/Photograph/Recording
2.Altitude hold mode
3.Headless Mode no need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying .
4.4 channel transmitter:Ascend/Descend;Forward/Backward; Left/Right; Left/Right rotation; Throw to fly etc.
5.6-axis gyro system makes H111C very stable and easy to opearate.
6.H107A can perform 360°flips/rolls (forward/backward, left/right)
7.H107A is equipped with a battery protection module to protect and prevent overcharging the battery.
8.H107A is equiped with multi-color LED lights making the flight more spectacular especially in the dark.

Package included:
1 x H107A quadcopter (with 3.7V 2S 520mAh Li Batt
1 x Transmitter
1 x Spare Blades set
1 x USB Charging cable
1 x Manuals

Will listed on geekbuying soon

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

WLtoys Q303-C Entry Quadcopter RC With Altitude Hold & Syma X8 SERIES Style

WLtoys listed a new model which with Syma X8 SERIES style, this new entry level quadcopter named WLtoys Q303-C, which is a RTF qaudcopter features altitude hold, a 2MP camera, headless mode, one key return and more. Now this WLtoys Q303-C on presale for $105.99, will arrive in stock on April 10(Clic here to check more info).

WLtoys Q303-C equioed a 2MP HD camera and one axis gimbal, the tilt angle of the camera can be remotely adjusted, which easier to take high quality pictures, most important, it has suspension components, effectively helping reducing body vibration on the camera.

The most amazing feature is this entry level quadcopter come with altitude hold. Built-in 6 axis gyro system, make the flight more stably. The one key return function and headless mode make it very suit for the beginners, others features like surpport side flying, 360 degree rolling action, hovering, CF mode etc. And not just support camera, also missile launcher,water connon/ hook&basket and bubble blower, make flying more pleasure. 

The transmitter has 4 modes that you can can freely be switched between mode 1, mode 2, mode 3 and mode 4 according to your needs. The quadcopter adopt 7.4V 1500mAh 20C lipo battery removeble, offer you 9 minutes flying time, the control distance is 150m, below is flying test video, check it: 

If you want a entry quadcopter features altitude hold with barometric sensor, this WLtoys Q303-C is a good choice, the package of this WLtoys Q303-C drone is very generous and is also including a 4GB memory card and USB card reader. Purchase this item clic here 


Brand: WLtoys
Model: Q303-C
Color: Black
Camera: 2MP(Photo 1280*720p, video 1600*1200p)
Flight Time: 9 Minutes
Remote Control Distance: 150 meters
Recharge Time: 150mins
Battery: 7.4V 1500mAh 20C (included)
Product size:40 x 40 x 17cm

Included Items:

1 x WLtoys Q303-C Quadcopter
1 x Transmitter
1 x Battery
1 x Charger
4 x Blades
1 x Camera
4 x Protect Covers
2 x Landing Gears
1 x Screwdriver
1 x USB Cable
1 x 4GB SD Card
1 x Reader
1 x English Manual


Cheerson CX-10D, World's First Nano Quadcopter With Altitude Hold One Key Landing / Take-off

The newest nano quad Cheerson CX-10D now listed, as the flagship model of Cheerson mini quad serie, Cheerson CX-10 serie has been popular with consumers, this Cheerson CX10D also will not let you down. 

Cheerson CX10D is the first mini quadcopter that come with altitude hold mode, it sounds very cool right? Not only that, it also is the first micro quad surpport one key landing & one key take-off. And the body desing of quad & transmitter also is innovative, both with a fancy colorful canopy. It have 3 flight modes, high medium and low. 

Cheerson CX10D available in two color: coloful and camouflage, personally I prefer the colorful version. The only drawback for me is it don't have camera, but it's still a good mini toy quad. Others features please check the following:  

Brand Name: Cheerson
Item No.: CX-10D
Diameter of Blade: 30mm
Channal: 4CH
Transmitter type: 2.4G
GYRO: 6-axis
Quadcopter Battery: 3.7V 150MAH Li Battery (Included)
Transmitter battery: 2 x AAA dry battery (Not included)
Flying Time: 5mins
R/C Distance: 25m
Flying height: 25m
Charging Time: about 30mins
Material Of Product: ABS Aviation Material
Size Of Product: 45x45x22mm
Product wieght: 15g

4 channel transmitter:Ascend/Descend;Forward/Backward; Left/Right; Left/Right rotation; Throw to fly etc.
6-axis gyro system makes CX-10D very stable and easy to opearate.
CX-10D can be operated in 3 flying modes. High/Low speed modes can be changed using a transmitter and the third mode in 360°high speed rotation mode in which the aircraft's light dazzle.
With high density air presure sensor which can precisely hold the height, it adopts the dual-spring control sticks.
Can perform 3D flips/rolls (forward/backward, left/right)
Can rotate to left/right while flying or hovering.
CX-10D is equipped with a battery protection module to protect and prevent overcharging the battery.
Have One Touch landing and One Touch take-off.
CX-10D is equiped with multi-color LED lights making the flight more spectacular especially in the dark.