Friday, May 20, 2016

Xiaomi Mi Drone Will Launch On May 25th

Release date of Xiaomi Mi Drone officially announced, mi drone conference will be held on May 25, and will be live-streamed on Xiaomi's website. 

Xioami Mi Drone Info Rumor 

Gimbal: Integrated removable spherical, support 4k shooting, 95% probability of support handheld gimbal, you can replace its own Yi camera gimbal. 

Fuselage: Diagonal distance about 350mm, can be install protective frame, the landing gear can be folded manually, easy to carry. 

Remote control: Using a USB cable connected to your phone, dual antenna to receive data, support high-definition image transmission.

APP: There is a "God mode", although have no idea about "God Mode", Looking forward to the upcoming conference revealed the answers. 

If you're interested to see what the Mi Drone will look like, Xiaomi will livestream its May 25th event at 7am ET/12pm BST on And it will be listed on

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Cheerson CX-10WD MINI WIFI FPV 2.4G 4CH 6Aixs Altitude Hold Mode With 0.3MP Camera RC Quadcopter RTF

Brand Name: Cheerson
Item Name: MINI 0.3MP WIFI FPV RC Quadcopter
Item NO.: CX-10WD
Frequency: 2.4G
Channel: 4CH
Gyro: 6Axis
Control Distance:  About 50M
WIFI FPV Distance: About 20M
Charger Time:  About 30mins
Flight Time: About 4mins
Pixel camera:0.3MP (Resolution 640X480)
Diameter of Blade: 30mm
Quadcopter Size: 4.2cm*4.2*2.5cm
Quadcopter Weight:17g
Battery For Quadcopter:3.7V 150mAh(included)
Battery For Transmiter:2 x 1.5V AAA Battery (not included)
Color: Dark Grey/Rosy Red/Golden
Certification: RTTE+NB,FCC,EN71,7P,ASTM,HR4040,EN62115,EN60825,CD,ROSH,MSDS,UN38.3
Function: ascend/descend/forward/backward/side flying/360°rolling action/hover/3D/LED/camera/Headless mode/One key return/Altitude hold mode/WIFI FPV/One touch flying&One touch take-off


1、0.3MP WIFI FPV system
2、Altitude hold mode
3、One touch flying&One touch take-off
4、dual operating mode(Transmitter & Mobile Phone)
5、Headless Mode
6、One key to return function
7、3D Mode
8、Switching of Mode 1/2
9、3 Speed mode
10、Photograph & Recording system
11、2.4G Transmiter
12、built-in 6 axis gyro system
13、With LED light
14、With LCD monitor Transmitter

Package included:

1 x CX-10WD RC Quadcopter
1 x Transmitter
1 x Cell phone holder
1 x Spare blade set
1 x USB Charger
1 x English Manual

Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera 2 Contrast With Gopro Hero 4 Black Review

Xiaomi Yi generation 2 released recently, this Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera 2 have two version: CN Edition & International Edition, CN version can't be fully used outside China mainland, the operating UI and APP are Chinese, while the International version is English, no limitation. From the performance, this camera's competing products is clearly Gopro Hero 4 black, both are highest performance sports camera currently on the market, who is superior?

Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera 2 vs Gopro Hero 4 Black 

Look: Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera More Stylish

In appearance, since Xiaoyi 4K sports camera just listed, so it looks more fashionable than Gopro Hero 4 black in design. Whole body just a power button, the back is a 2.19-inch LCD retina touch screen, it may be because Hero 4 don't equipped a screen, So lighter 7g than xiaoyi 4K sports camera in weight, it weighs 88 grams (including battery), Xiaoyi 4K weighs 95g (with battery). 

About the dimensions, Xiaoyi 4K motion camera (42 * 65 * 21mm)  a little larger than Gopro Hero 4 black (42 * 59 * 21mm), it looks more elegant. Hero4 black don't have screen, but it supports an external LCD screen, but the size is smaller, the resolution is not so high. 

Configuration: Better than Gopro Hero 4 Black

Xiaoyi 4K camera and Hero4 Black are equipped with a F2.8 ultra wide-angle lens, depending on the resolution of the video recording, users can achieve a variety of viewing angles. The use of the processor and the sensor on, xiaoyi are using the latest version of Ambarella A9S75 processor and Sony IMX377 12MP 1 / 2.3 "sensor, better than Gopro Hero 4 Black. 

GoPro Battery life has been a headache, we look at the official data, in the recording mode, Hero4 Black can record 1 hour 15 minutes of 30fps 4K video. If you turn on the Wi-Fi and a remote control app, then only 50 minutes. In 720p / 120fps, and closed Wi-Fi, Hero4 Black could insist 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Xiaomi Yi 4K Sports Camera uses a rechargeable 4.4V 1400mAh high-voltage high-density lithium polymer battery, standby up to 8 hours. Even at 4K / 30fps video mode, also can shooting up to 120 minutes. In battery duration, Xiaomi Yi 4K also superior to Gopro Hero4 Black. 

For contrast effect, Hero 4 connect an external screen, after comparison found a big difference between the two camera's resolutions; since Hero 4 there is no competing products before, so can not see the difference, but contrast with Yi 4K camera, Hero4's grainy immediately apparent. Have to admit, Yi 4K motion of the camera screen resolution and sensitivity superior to Hero 4 Black. 

Dynamic Test Experience: Xiaomi Yi 4K Camera 2 Is Actually Better!

The test results really surprising, because Gopro has been the industry's "unicorn", their product reputation has been quite high, just the price is slightly higher, but consumers are willing to buy it. But from comparison test, Yi 4K camera test results effect actually better than Hero 4, can achieve such results I think the hardware is a must excellent.

First, in terms of image stabilization, Yi 4K camera added electronic image stabilization technology, there are also delay image stabilization, so the following video we can see the Hero 4 picture jitter is significantly higher than Yi 4K action camera 2.

Comare with Gopro Hero 4
In picture quality, both can shoot 4K pictures, but Yi 4K Camera 2 actually more colorful than the Hero 4, which in addition to more hardware, but also a little relationship with the algorithm. As consumers, they only care about which one can shooting better picture, as to what kind of algorithm, I think only Yi 4K Action Camera engineers can give a more precise answer. 

Finally, let's take a look standby time comparison that onsumers are more concerned, considering the size of the memory card, recording mode with loop recording, the results Yi Action Camera 2 standby time is 1 hour 57 minutes, and Hero 4 is 50 minutes. Have to say, Yi Action Camera 2 defeated Gopro again.


YI 4K camera in appearance more stylish than Hero 4, the hardware configuration is also higher than Hero 4. In software, 9 kinds of shooting modes is also more abundant than Hero 4, picture quality, image stabilization and standby time also stronger than Hero 4. If the reliability and stability of Yi 4K Camera can stand the test, Gopro's leader position of action camera market will be under threat.

This Yi 4K Action Camera 2 international edition we geekbuying have stock exclusive, it will arrive in stock soon, check here [Official International Version] Xiaomi YI 4K Action Camera II 2.19" Retina Screen Ambarella A9SE Sony IMX377 12MP 155‎ Degree Wide Angle 1400mAh EIS LDC Sport Camera